Manly Concerns: Discussion on the Decline of Testosterone and Obesity

Male bodyand tape measure

Have you done everything you can to lose weight? There are people who, despite their best efforts, consider losing weight as the biggest challenge of their lives. In some cases, even with the preponderance of weight loss pills crowding supermarket shelves, still there are those who fail at it.

Even though these identified diet meds state to eliminate excess fats, individuals these days are becoming careful about its effectiveness because not all products are designed to be the same and certainly not all gives safe outcomes. This gains advantage to workout. Nevertheless, some individuals point out that even though exercise is a harmless and natural strategy to reduce weight, not all has the luxury of time to do it.

Then there’s the diet plan. But, not everyone has the patience to wait to see results. So what they do is they resort to crash diets. They go a day without food or only liquids to stuff their stomachs. While this can support your goal to lose weight, it is might only be beneficial for a short span of time.

Now here’s something new. Some recent studies show that testosterone levels treatment can help you lose weight and keep it off. Did you know that low testosterone levels has been linked to obesity? There can be researches which show that overweight men who were given testosterone injections essentially dropped weight in a considerable amount. After five years of the therapy, these gentlemen shed approximately 35 lbs not to mention their BMI to drop as well. Following the whole testosterone treatment, these men shifted from excessively fat to mildly or moderately fat individuals. Furthermore, they also saw the good news in their cholesterol levels. Furthermore, these very same men also experienced a lowered blood pressure.

The results of the study impressed so many doctors that they are now beginning to order testosterone shots to obese men. As gentlemen age, their testosterone levels are likely to fall. Aside from weight gain, which is pretty common among middle-aged, men who are in their 40s and 50s also experience lack of energy, fatigue and erectile deficiency. Testosterone replacement therapy can also help address these concerns.

Obese individuals need to shed off weight to be healthy. If there is no way for you to hit the gym and if you are having a difficult time concentrating on your healthy diet plan, then try considering testosterone treatment. Only be sure to seek professional advice from a qualified medical doctor for this kind of medical weight loss method.


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